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Air/Fuel Lean Switch

    Overview: The Air/Fuel Lean switch is a device that will shut off your nitrous system if it runs lean during a nitrous run. It can also be
    used for boost control if you run lean during heavy boost. The Air/Fuel ratio is always displayed so this device can double as a basic
    Narrow or Widbeand air fuel Display. Follow all the directions  and warnings in this document.

       1)  Use the diagram that best fits your application. Wire it exactly as shown in your diagram!
       2)  Wires on A/F Lean Switch:
               a.  Red--- Powers the A/F switch, use a switched 12V power source like from the fuse box.
               b.  Black---Ground, Connect to a solid chassis or battery ground.
               c.  Blue---Trigger/TPS wire, this wire is looking for a signal from a source only when the nitrous is
                  spraying. It can be configured to detect a 12V signal (High) or a Ground signal (Low) or TPS
                  (Throttle Position Sensor Voltage).
               d.  Yellow---This wire sends out a 12V signal (High) when the system is triggered. If a lean A/F is
                  detected then the 12V (High) signal is removed or stopped.
               e.  White/Yellow--- This wire sends out a Ground signal (Low) when the system is triggered. If a
                  lean A/F is detected then the Ground (Low) signal is removed or stopped.
               f.  Purple---This wire will go to your factory narrow band or wideband o2 sensor. Factory Narrow
                  band o2 sensors work on an output voltage of 0-1v while Wideband o2 sensors need a
                  microprocessor to make it work and it works on an output voltage of 0-5V being much more
               g.  Green---This wire is used to ground a remote LED status indicator. When the LED is Lit you
                  know a lean condition occurred and the system shut down. The Remote LED (If equipped) will
                  flash at power up to let you know the A/F Lean Switch is working.

       3) Configuration:
               a.  To enter the configuration menu, press and hold both the “Set-up” and “Select” buttons until you
                  see “pro” on the display then release the buttons.
               b.  Pressing the left “set-up” button steps through the options/menu’s, pressing the right “Select”
                  button changes the settings. Keep pressing the “select” button to go to the next segment on the
                  display. Configure the A/F switch as required per your need.

    Menu 1: Trigger Mode
                        0=Ground (Low) used as trigger (Use Setting 0 for drawings 4,5,7,9)
                        1=12V (High) used as a trigger   (Use Setting 1 for drawings 1,2,10)
                        2= TPS Input used as trigger      (Use Setting 2 for drawings 3,6,8)

    Menu 2: TPS Setup (Menu 2 only active if option “2” is selected above otherwise you will be sent directly to
                                     menu 3)
                         Press the “Select” button. The display will flash as you are now in the “Learn” mode. Push
                        the throttle to the floor with engine not running. The display will show the wide open throttle
                        voltage. Press the “Set-up” button to save this setting.

    Menu 3: A/F Mode (Narrow or Wideband)
                        0=Narrow band input (Factory 02 sensors)
                        1=Wideband input (For use with Innovate Brand controllers)
                        2=Wideband input (For use with FJO Brand controllers)
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