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                   DynoTune A/F Ratio Gauge Installation                                           BEZEL:  BLACK    SILVER

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                          You have purchased one of the finest A/F ratio Gauges on the
                   market. Follow the directions below as a guide for installation and
                   tuning. Remember, The DynoTune meter is an instrument that will
                   help guide you to greater performance, but it is only as good as the

                   person using it so be careful and most of all have fun!!


                   Section 1  Operation overview

                   Section 2  Installation

                   Section 3  Tuning guidelines

                   Section 4  Troubleshooting

                                                Section 1

                                         Operation         overview

                          The DynoTune A/F meter will display the oxygen sensors
                   output in millvolts. This output tells you what the air fuel ratio is
                   and can help guide you in making adjustments. The typical output

                   is from 0 to .999 millvolts. Most oxygen sensors in vehicles will
                   cycle up and down from 0 to .999mv during cruise situations.
                   During this cycling time the meter will just track the output of the
                   sensor up and down. During mid throttle acceleration the oxygen

                   sensor starts to get more stable and the readings on the DynoTune
                   meter will stabilize. During Full throttle operation is what we are
                   after, now the sensor is putting out a much more consistent

                   voltage. In the tuning section you will learn more about the oxygen
                   sensor output and what it means.
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