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Section 3

                                                Tuning Guidelines

                   Use the chart below to help guide you in the right direction. The
                   DynoTune meter displays the output of the oxygen sensor in

                   millvolts. Typically the meter is used for tuning air fuel ratios
                   during wide-open throttle. You will not get a stable reading while
                   cruising under part throttle.


                       DynoTune                                  Full                              Air/Fuel
                    meter reading                             Throttle                              Ratio
                         .000mv                                                                     17.0:1

                         .100mv                                                                     17.0:1
                         .200mv                                                                     16.0:1
                         .300mv                                                                     15.5:1

                         .400mv                                                                     15.0:1
                         .500mv                                                                     14.7:1
                         .600mv                          Dangerously lean                           14.6:1
                         .700mv                             Getting Lean                            14.5:1

                         .800mv             Max power (Lean) normally aspirated                     14.2:1
                         .875mv                  Max power normally aspirated                       13.5:1
                         .900mv            Max power (Rich) (NOS, Blower, Turbo)                    13.2:1

                         1.000v                               Very   rich                           12.5:1

                       Note: Some of the one & two wire oxygen sensors (Non heated)

                       may take a while to warm up under part throttle driving. Tuning
                       will be best if done on the highway to really get the sensor hot.
                       Readings will not be stable until the sensor heats up.
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