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     The Dynotune air shifter kit will let you to make lightning quick shifts at the push of a button. This kit can be used as is
     for a full auto transmission on drag bikes, if you have a normal street transmission you will need an ignition kill to cut
     the spark when shifting. You can use any make shift kill, electronic or a “T” shift kill. Check DynoTune’s webpage for
     their ignition Kill devices. This is a universal kit and professional installation is recommended. Fabrication will be
     required for final fitment.

     DANGER: Do not attempt to shift the bike using the air shifter without the bike moving! If the bike is not moving and
     riding you can damage the shift forks, the shift shaft and or transmission parts!

     Please read all the instructions before starting installation.

     There are many ways to hook up the system, its up to you to pick the layout you would like. The standard way shown
     in the picture is the most common. Alternately you can swap the air filler and the PSI Gauge.
     All fittings are made with ¼” tubing ends and 1/8”NPT ports. The bottle outlet has 3 ports, you can use any of the ports
     for air fill, air outlet, PSI gauge etc.

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