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Step 3:
     Install the fittings into the bottle, solenoid, and the air cylinder. They are 1/8” NPT pipe fittings. Use silicone RTV on
     the threads if there is no pre-applied sealant…adding a bit more will not hurt. The fittings will get tight after a few turns
     in, this is normal as pipe threads have a taper to them so as you screw it in it will get tighter and tighter. Do not cross
     thread the fittings!

     Step 4:
     Run the air tubing to all your components. Cut the tubing square, with simple scissors. To insert the tubing into the
     fittings simply push the tubing in until it stops. To remove the tubing, push in on the tubing while pressing in on the
     outer ring, hold the ring in and then pull the tubing out. Keep all the tubing away from moving parts or anything that
     can cause issues while operating the bike! Hook up the air solenoid as shown below:

     Port labeled “P” goes to the air tank/supply, port labeled “A” goes to the air cylinder/air cylinder, port   labeled “EA” is
     the exhaust and this port is left open.

     Step 5:
     If you need or have an engine kill, hook that up now. Follow the directions that come with the engine kill device.

     Step 6:
     You are ready to test the air shifter. Fill the air tank with about 100-125PSI air pressure. Check for leaks with soapy
     water. Fix any leaks, double check hoses and make sure nothing interferes with the driving of the bike etc. Make sure
     your engine ill if installed is working properly before you test your air shifter! Failure to do so might cause transmission

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     defects under normal use and service.  This warranty shall extend for 90 days from the date of purchase.  Prior to returning a product for warranty inspection, the
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