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2.3.2 Nitrous Lines
     Attach the 1 foot -3an to -3an braided line to the spray bar and to the bulkhead fitting.
     Attach the 2 foot -3an to -3an braided line to the bulkhead fitting and the solenoid outlet port fitting.
     Attach the 3 foot -3an to 1/8”NPT braided line to the solenoid -3an inlet fitting to the T fitting.
     Attach both 2 foot -3an to 1/8”NPT braided lines from the bottles to the T fitting. Blue nuts at the bracket end.

                                                                                                                                            Spray bar


                          JET GOES HERE                                                                                        1 foot line

                                                                                     2 foot line


                                        Purge                Optional purge kit


                                                                                3 foot line

                                                       T FITTING
     TO BOTTLE BRACKET                                                              TO BOTTLE BRACKET

                                  2 FOOT LINE
                                                                                          2 FOOT LINE
     BLUE                                                                                                              BLUE NUT

        1)  If you have the optional purge, screw that assembly into the solenoid first as shown above. If you do
            not have a purge kit, screw the silver fitting on the braided lines directly into the T fitting. Blue nuts on
            the braided lines will attach to the solenoid, and bottle brackets!

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