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Chapter 2.  Kit Installation

     2.1  Bottle Mounting Instructions

     NOTE:  Disconnect the battery ground before beginning installation.

     2.1.1  Bikes

     Accurate calibration of your DynoTune nitrous system depends on the bottle remaining at a stable
     temperature.  Mount the bottle away from heat sources, such as the engine compartment or exhaust
     system. If you mount it near the engine and the bottle pressure gets to high the solenoid may not open or
     you could run lean due to much nitrous being injected into the engine.

     Bottle mounting
     Mount the bottle with the valve lower than the body of the bottle. The bottle does not contain a siphon tube
     so in order to get the liquid nitrous out of the bottle you need to keep the valve at the lowest point.

                       HAYABUSA                                                                                     ZX-14

                                                      Pick your orientation

     Chose your bracket orientation and install the round part of the bracket into the hole. Install the fittings into
     the bracket, one is 90 degree for the braided line, the other hole can be plugged or a gauge installed. Use
     teflon tape or sealant on these fittings.

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