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2.1.1  Bottle Installation
     After you have determined the location and orientation of the nitrous bottle, use the following procedure to
     install the bottle: Use the bracket provided to help secure the bottle. If the bracket does not fit or is causing
     mounting issues then you need to customize the installation. Just make sure the bottle is securely mounted
     and cannot cause a dangerous condition. Tap the frame or use Riv-Nuts to secure the bottle brackets in
     place. Make sure they clear the tires and moving parts. Make sure the bottles are on the brackets to check
     fitment location. If you have purchased the model specific bracket adaptors then bolt those on now.

     Filling the bottle: You must unscrew the bottle from the bracket and screw on the “Bottle Fill”
     adaptor. This will allow you to fill the nitrous bottle at a local speed shop.


        1)  Bring your bottle and fill adaptor with blue fitting        to the speedshop Turn the knob fully
            counter clockwise on the fill adaptor. Attach your fill adaptor to the bottle by screwing it on.
        2)  Attached the nitrous line to the bottle(the one from the big tank). Turn the fill adaptor knob quickly fully
            clockwise so the pin valve on the nitrous bottle is fully depressed. (nitrous may quirt out if there is
            some left in the bottle so be careful!)
        3)  Open the master bottle and fill the small nitrous bottle. Crack the line at the fill adaptor to bleed the air
            out of the line/bottle.
        4)  Close the master bottle valve when the small nitrous bottle is full.
        5)   Quickly turn the fill adaptor fully counter clockwise (all the way out)! Nitrous will leak out a small
            bleed hole in the side of the fill adaptor, do not stop turning until the knob is fully counter clockwise
            (full out). Nitrous will continue to come out the bleed hole until all the nitrous has been bleed out of
            the line connecting the two bottles.
        6)  Remove the nitrous line, unscrew the fill adaptor….

     2.2     Solenoid mounting with jet installation
     Select the jet size you want to use from the chart. Insert the jet (note direction) into “outlet” port of the nitrous
      solenoid and then screw the -3AN blue fitting into the outlet port so you trap the jet tight into the solenoid.
     Make sure it’s in there good as this controls the power and a poor seal might cause a lean running engine!!
      Screw the -4an blue fitting into the “inlet” port.  Screw the 2 foot 3AN nitrous line to the outlet port fitting as
       shown. Attach the -4AN feedline from the bottle to the -4An blue fitting on the solenoid.  Attach solenoid
                                              bracket to solenoid, secure.

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