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                             Boost Pressure Gauge Installation.                                FACE:   BLACK     WHITE

                                                                                               BEZEL:  BLACK    SILVER

                                                                                               PACKAGE:  ROUND    SQUARE
                      You have purchased the finest Boost pressure Gauge on the market. Follow the
        directions below for proper installation and operation. Enjoy your new Gauge! The pressure-
        sending unit will vary its output based on Boost/Vacuum. This signal is fed into the Gauge and
        is displayed as pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch). The usable pressure range is 0PSI to
        150 PSI. With an additional transducer and a switch you could also use the display for fuel
        pressure and switch between them.

               Installation of the DynoTune Boost Pressure Gauge

               Mounting the Gauge:
               1)  Install the Gauge in a location that can be seen easily. Use the supplied hardware for
                   mounting (Velcro)..
               2)  Route the wires on the Gauge to the power or fuse box location.

               Wiring the system up:
               3)  Connect both the “BROWN” wires to a switched 12 volt power source.
               4)  Connect both the “BLUE” wires to a solid Ground.
               5)  Connect the “WHITE” wires together use a crimp to prevent shorts. Soldering is
                   always preferred.
                     Connect the “BLACK” wires together use a crimp to
                     Prevent shorts. Soldering is always.
                6) Make sure and tape up
                     The quick disconnect with electrical tape to keep out the
               Hooking up the pressure/vacuum sending unit:
               7)  Try and tap into the intake at a pressure/Vacuum source, Use adaptors (not provided)
                   The sending unit threads are 1/8”NPT.. Keep the transducer in a cool temperature
                   location (not near the headers). Do not mount the sending unit directly to the intake,
                   use rubber hose and remote mount the sending unit! Do not run any of the wires
                   near the “ignition Wires” as this will destroy the Display!

                   Note: The body of the sending unit does not need to be grounded to work.
                   Note: The Gauge display may not always read zero with no pressure input. This small
                   offset is typical. Transducer resolution is +/- .1 PSI Accuracy .5 PSI


                                             Display orientation