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Step 1:
     Mount the Co2 tank. Most folks mount the Co2 tank under the rear tail section or near the swing arm. Keep all tubing
     and wires away from moving gears, tires, sprockets, chains etc. Keep the valve outlet a little higher than the body of
     the tank.

     Step 2:
     Mount the Co2 actuator to the bike. The actuator can be configured to “push” or “pull the Air actuator rod.

     Use the clevis or custom make a bracket to mount the shifter. Attach one end to the shift lever etc.

        1)  Always make sure the rod is in the center of the stroke so you have the maximum travel for both up and down
        2)  Make sure the actuator is not solidly bolted to anything, it should freely move and pivot slightly so the actuator
            shaft does not bind when shifting.
        3)  Test shift the transmission BY HAND (while not running) to see if it shifts smooth up and down.

     Step 2:
     Mount the Air solenoid close to the Air actuator for best performance (typically 18 inches or closer). Wire the Air
     Solenoid as per the schematic below. If you are using an ignition kill, use the directions for wiring for the kill device you
     purchased. Some horn buttons send out a ground signal so just reverse the +12V and the Ground wires on the wiring
                                          Horn                               Air
     +12V battery
                                                                                                        + Red wire                          -- Black wire

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