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        The DYNOTUNE PROGRESSIVE/RPM WINDOW SWITCH is a single stage progressive Nitrous controller, RPM
        activated window switch (RPMWS) with an integrated throttle-position activation switch (TPAS). The unit accepts most
        tach signals, including low-voltage and irregular signals such as those found on many V-10s (Some mustangs will require
        a tach adaptor for the window switch to function properly, its best to try without it first, if you notice that the tach reading
        jumps around and does not read properly you should get a tach adaptor from companies like MSD or Autometer). The
        TPAS accepts all analog throttle-position sensor signals(even fly by wire) as well as a “hot” or “grounded” wide-open-
        throttle (WOT) switch.

        This unit has settable ON/LOW and OFF/HI RPM points and multi-gear lockout feature.  Multi-gear lockout delays the
        stage from turning ON until you have cycled through the RPM window (X times). The internal TPAS can be configured to
        prevent the RPMWS channel from activating until you are at WOT .

        The DYNOTUNE RPM WINDOW SWITCH requires 9~18 volts to operate correctly. The output line switches

        HOT when activated (ON) and has a maximum current rating of 1 amp. NEVER SET THE

        In run mode, the LEDs (A.B.C.) will show the unit’s status.
               A = throttle position activation switch status [0 = OFF / 1 = ON]
               B = gear lock out [0 = feature OFF / L = locked out]
               C = rpm window status [ 0 = not in RPM range / 1 = in RPM range]
        Press and hold switch #2 and the unit will display the current RPM (AB.C). This will be very useful to verify your setting in
        STEP 1 of the configuration. Example:  12.5 = 12500 RPM.
        Programming the RPM Window Switch

                               Switch #1 – “SETUP” toggles through the configuration menu. As you toggle through the
                               configuration menu, the stored value will be displayed. Each time you push Switch #1 it will
                               move the flashing character to the next digit.  EXP.  Space “B” will be flashing while making
                               changes to this field (using switch 2), push switch 1 when you are ready to move to space “C”
                               Each step is programmed the same way.

                               Switch #2 – “SELECT” increments the flashing value that was selected by switch #1. Push
                               Switch #2 to get the flashing character to the number you need for programming your
                               application.  EXP. Each time switch #2 is pushed the field that is flashing will increase by a
                               value of 1.

                               LED A.B C displays the configuration step number and its setting
                               A: = configuration item. The Set up Number can be shown solid or a brief moment depending
                               on configuration screen.
                               A B C = value for the current configuration step

        To enter the programming mode, press and hold both switches until “Pro” is displayed. Now release the switches
        and the unit will automatically go to the first configuration step.
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