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Twin Nozzle 8 Cylinder EFI Applications

     CONGRATULATIONS on purchasing your DynoTune Nitrous Oxide Injection System!  Your system is composed of
     the highest quality components available. It should provide many miles of trouble-free performance when used
     correctly.  If you have any questions regarding the performance of our system, call DynoTune Technical Service at
     (978) 562-6040.

     NOTICE:  Installation of this DynoTune INC. Nitrous oxide system product signifies that you have read this document
     and have agreed to the terms stated within.

     It is the purchaser’s responsibility to follow all installation instruction guidelines and safety procedures supplied with
     the product as it is received by the purchaser to determine the compatibility of the product with the vehicle or the
     device the purchaser intends to install the product on.

     DynoTune assumes no responsibility for damages occurring from accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation,
     improper operation, lack of reasonable care, or all previously stated reasons resulting from incompatibility with other
     manufacturers’ products.

     DynoTune neither recommends nor condones the use of products manufactured or sold by DynoTune on vehicles,
     which may be driven on public roads or highways, and assumes no responsibility for damages incurred by such use.

     DynoTune nitrous oxide is legal for use in most states when used in accordance with state and local traffic laws.
     DynoTune does not recommend or condone the use of its products in illegal racing activities.

     DynoTune has not pursued California Air Research Board (CARB) exemptions for these kits, hence, they are not legal
     for use on pollution-controlled vehicles in California.  A correctly installed DynoTune nitrous system should not alter
     the emission control performance of your vehicle under standard EPA test cycle conditions.

     NOTICE:  DynoTune Nitrous Systems are not intended for use on hatchback type vehicles without the use of a
     DynoTune bottle blow-down tube kit.


     This manual presents step-by-step instructions that describe the process of installing your DynoTune Nitrous Oxide
     Injection System.  These procedures provide a framework for installation and operation of this kit.  Parts are
     referenced by name and number to avoid confusion.  Within the instructions, you are advised of potential hazards,
     pitfalls, and problems to avoid.  The following examples explain the various hazard levels:

     WARNING!  Failure to comply with instructions may result in injury or death

     CAUTION!  Failure to comply with instructions may result in damage to equipment.

     NOTE:  This information is important, needs to be emphasized, and is set apart from the rest of the text.

     HINT:  These special instructions provide a handy work tip.
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