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P. 10

FIG. 4

        1)  Install the bottle nut adapter (1) and Teflon washer (2) on the nitrous bottle (3).  Tighten securely.
        2)  Loosely install the bottle mounting brackets (4) on the nitrous bottle, as shown in fig 3E.
        3)  Locate the bottle/bracket assembly in the desired mounting location, ensuring that the location will
            provide easy access to the bottle valve, hose connection, and the bracket clamp bolts to facilitate
            bottle changing.
        4)  Use the assembled bottle/bracket unit as a pattern to mark and drill the four 5/16” holes in the
            mounting surface.  Caution: When Drilling or punching holes for the brackets, be aware of
            wires, hoses, fuel tanks etc that may be under or near the brackets!
        5)  Mount the brackets securely to the surface.
        6)  Secure the bottle into the mounting brackets and tighten the bracket clamps.

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