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Chapter 2.  Kit Installation

     2.1  Bottle Mounting Instructions

     NOTE:  Disconnect the battery ground before beginning installation.

     2.1.1 Street Vehicles

     Accurate calibration of your DynoTune nitrous system depends on the bottle remaining at a stable
     temperature.  Mount the bottle away from heat sources, such as the engine compartment or exhaust
     system, and away from windows, where the bottle is exposed to direct sunlight.

     Dynotune recommends that the bottle be environmentally separated from the driver’s compartment.
     Because hatchback-type vehicles generally do not have a firewall between the trunk area and the driver’s
     compartment, the safety pressure relief cap should be replaced with a Blow-Down kit that will vent the
     Nitrous outside the passenger compartment during an over pressure condition. The blow-down tube should
     be routed to the exterior of the vehicle (preferably under the vehicle).  This procedure will prevent filling the
     driver’s compartment with a cloud of nitrous oxide, If the safety pressure relief cap should happen to rupture
     for any reason.

     2.1.2 Racing Vehicles

     Before mounting a nitrous bottle in a racing vehicle intended for use in sanctioned events, check with the
     sanctioning association for any rules regarding this subject.  Most associations require that the bottle be
     mounted within the confines of the safety roll cage with the safety pressure relief cap vented away from the
     driver’s compartment.

     2.2 Bottle Orientation

     Bottle placement is critical to the performance of your DynoTune nitrous system.  It is important to
     understand how the bottle valve and siphon tube are assembled to properly orient the bottle in your vehicle
     and ensure that it picks up liquid nitrous while undergoing acceleration.  All Dynotune nitrous bottles are
     assembled so that the bottom of the siphon tube is at the bottom of the bottle and opposite the bottle label
     (Figure 2).

     Whenever the bottle is mounted in a lay-down position, the valve handle must be towards the front of the
     vehicle with the label facing up (Figure 3A).
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