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If the bottle is mounted vertically, the label must face toward the front of the vehicle (Figure 3B).  This
     orientation will position the siphon tube at the back of the bottle where the liquid N2O will be during

     WARNING!  DO NOT attempt to remove the siphon tube without completely emptying the bottle of all
     nitrous and pressure.  Failure to completely empty the bottle will result in an explosive condition
     causing injury or death.

     A bottle mounted upside-down must have the siphon tube removed before use (Figure 3C).  Non-siphon
     bottles can be specially ordered from DynoTune.

     If the bottle must be mounted parallel to the axles of the vehicle (sideways), the label must be angled at
     approximately 45° toward the front of the vehicle (Figure 3D).  This orientation will position the siphon tube
     toward the rear of the bottle.

     NOTE:  When using a bottle with a siphon tube, the tall bracket should be at the valve end of the bottle and
     the short bracket at the bottom (Figure 3E).

     The most efficient mounting is the lay-down position (Figure 3A) this position allows the greatest amount of
     liquid to be used before the siphon tube begins to pick up gaseous nitrous oxide.

     2.3   Bottle Installation

     After you have determined the location and orientation of the nitrous bottle, use the following procedure to
     install the bottle:

     NOTE:  Numbers in parentheses ( ) refer to the parts list/assembly drawing number for the components.
     Figure 4 shows installation assembly for the DynoTune nitrous system.

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