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FIG. 4

     2.4   Wet nozzle installation

        1)  Before making any permanent modifications to the vehicle,  layout the  location  of all major
            components (solenoids, nozzle, fuel/nitrous supply lines etc.) Mount solenoids as shown in pictures.
        2)  Select the desired mounting location for the nozzle (5), taking into account the length of the nitrous
            and fuel supply hoses and the intended location of the solenoids. Take into account that the nozzle
            and lines must clear the hood so check for clearance before drilling.
        3)  Remove the air inlet ducts both left and right.
        4)  Drill a hole into the centerline in each of the inlet ducts and mount the nozzles as shown making sure
            the tips extend fully into the inlet tubes. Note: Make sure and remove all chips and debris from the air
            inlets. Caution: Make sure the nozzle is fully secured to the inlet tube if the nozzle pops out under use
            it may cause a hazardous condition. Use (6) and (7) to fully secure the nozzle as shown above.
        5)  Make sure the discharge side of the nozzle is pointing toward the engine. Reinstall the air inlet ducts.
        6)  Keep nozzles and lines away from all moving parts or hot exhaust parts!

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